Alumni programs

First class graduates

“Our Streets” - the Israeli Pedestrian Organization- advances safer and more convenient infrastructure for pedestrians, advocates keeping the sidewalks clear of bikes, scooters, and cars, and acts to expand and make pedestrian rights more accessible to all.

“Our streets” operates activist groups all around Israel, and works with local councils, the Knesset, and the judicial system to promote planning our streets first and foremost according to the needs of the pedestrians.

“Dress well” is an initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the harmful impacts of fashion businesses on consumers, society, and the environment. At the same time, “Dress well” love fashion and believe that it is possible to consume fair and sustainable fashion, and not compromise excellent quality and style. We are active in a variety of channels: Leading a thriving and active community, developing knowledge, and making it accessible.

The textile industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. It creates massive pollution in each stage of production, starting from the growing of cotton and its coloring, through the global transport of goods, which raises air pollution, up until its landfilling at the end of its use and the dumping of micro-plastics in the sea. In addition, it is also one of the most exploitative industries in the world, based on cheap labor from third-world countries.

Meirim is an NGO committed to furthering transparency and public awareness and involvement in one of the most transcendental issues of Israeli life – urban planning and construction.

Meirim is a non-profit run by a group of professionals and activists in the fields of planning, construction, the environment, and technology who work tirelessly and voluntarily in order to make data accessible and allow more transparency and public involvement in the building and planning system.

On our website, you can see in a matter of seconds what is planned for construction near your home and respond before it’s too late!

Albylassan promotes sustainability mainly in the Arab Sector. Albylassan offers community-oriented empowerment programs on social and environmental issues.

Albylassan combines a personal empowerment process and a community empowerment process built around social-environmental issues while using practical tools to create a sense of belonging and nurture connections between all partners and stakeholders involved in the Arab Society in Israel. These include local councils, municipal environmental units, government offices, and civil society organizations.

“The Food Rescuer” aims to create a more just and sustainable urban food system with less waste. It acts to promote stable and ongoing nutritional resilience at the personal and communal level by building communal action and support networks.

The organization’s activities include rescuing food and distributing it to families all over Jerusalem, educating about the food system in educational settings, sustainable catering made of surplus products we receive, lectures on food waste, and fermentation workshops.

They believe that food has the power and potential to activate and unite people, to accelerate collective action and personal change, not only in regard to food systems but also in our relation to our community, our relationship with nature, and the environment surrounding us.

Delphis is an NGO at forefront of activities for marine mammals in Israel. Delphis aims to pave the way for the next generation of marine mammal lovers and activists mainly through the Dolphin and Sea Center an educational center.

The dozens of years of educational research and educational activities performed at the education center of the non-profit are a live example of the educational philosophy of Delphis, which is based on the belief that knowledge leads to meaningful change, and education leads to an understanding of our surroundings, and through that to active protection of them. By preserving and acting on behalf of marine mammals, we protect our ocean for future generations.

Second class graduates

The Physicians for Nutrition Organization is a non-profit association, part of an international organization aimed at promoting public health and environmental well-being. Comprising professionals from nutrition and medical fields, our group strives to provide evidence-based knowledge on healthy nutrition to prevent chronic diseases, with a focus on plant-based dietary patterns.

Our activities include disseminating professional knowledge through various channels, forming a multidisciplinary professional community, educating peers through online meetings (webinars, journal clubs), offering courses to physicians, and delivering lectures to students in academia.

The 'Endemi' Association works towards the restoration of ecological systems and the preservation of biodiversity through collaboration with the local community. The resilience of the sustaining ecological system depends on interconnected relationships and actions among the local species, many of which are disappearing. Therefore, we emphasize the establishment of red-listed, endemic, and endangered species.

Our goal is to achieve this through collaborative work with the local community. Together, we undertake active restoration actions, including habitat restoration, seed collection, tree planting, constructing animal shelters, soil rejuvenation, water storage, controlling invasive species, and more. Ecological restoration is a complex process that requires time and effort. However, we believe that with dedication and collaborative efforts, we can restore the environment for our benefit and the benefit of future generations.

"The organization works to promote connectivity of habitats and reduce wildlife roadkill in Israel. The current roadkill rate stands at approximately 2,000 individuals per year (reported cases only).

The organization's activities focus on two main dimensions. The first is the public dimension, in which we collaborate with local communities and regional councils to initiate local projects promoting crossings, technological solutions, and traffic enforcement alongside nature reserves and habitats. We also collaborate with academics, green organizations, and experts in nature conservation.

The second dimension is educational. Here, we work to promote awareness and education for youth movements, schools, public institutions, and more. This is achieved through one-time lectures, explanatory meetings, and special events throughout the year to increase awareness, share knowledge, and inspire action."

Urban tree planting combats climate change by absorbing greenhouse gases, reducing urban heat islands, providing shade and natural cooling, reducing air pollution, and decreasing flooding risks.

Trees enhance urban livability and life quality. However, most Israeli cities lack street trees. Every year, over 100,000 trees are cut down due to urban development. "Streets of Trees" is a national NGO established 3 years ago to reforest urban areas and protect trees from felling. As the sole organization focusing on urban and rural trees, we aim to cultivate a tree-conservation culture.

Our community of 2,800 members works in 25 local tree loyalty groups, and we've educated hundreds on tree conservation and collaborated with local authorities and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Future Holders was established with the goal of increasing women's involvement in the Planet Tech field. We believe that women can make a decisive contribution to the sustainability of our planet through green and safe technology. The high involvement of women in decision-making within technology companies can lead to innovative solutions for environmental challenges.

We offer a program for Arab and Jewish female students, focusing on empowerment, artificial intelligence, and climate challenges. The students develop technological solutions, participate in field experiments and internships in tech companies under the guidance of senior women, and also participate in international events.

Art has always been a force that alters reality. We believe that now is the time to harness it for environmental activism, using social media that allow us to quickly reach many people. We've created a platform for artists aimed at raising awareness about environmental quality through video content and art.

In recent years, we have produced hundreds of films and viral content that generated interest and engagement online, helping to convey the environmental message to a broader audience. Millions have viewed our content and reported making changes in their lives as a result. Among our clients are government offices and business entities.